As, I have talked about before standardized tests puts enormous pressure on all of those involved. Recently I read an article about a principal who took her own life because she had forged answers on standardized tests. Is this really what the education system has come to? This issue cannot be ignored and frankly Government on all levels need to start taking action.

A successful New York elementary school principal had forged standardized English exam scores for her third grade students. She was the founding principal of the Teachers College Community School and the elementary school was considered a success. Unfortunately after forging answers she jumped in front of a subway train and took her own life. She wrote in answers because some of the students had not completed their tests. She was never interviewed by the department before she took her own life.

Obviously, she knew she had done wrong and perhaps that was one of the reasons she committed suicide, but that is not the root of the problem. She wanted her school to be a success and society tells us that a successful school is measured by test scores and that is the only factor of success. This principal felt so much pressure to have high test scores that she took extreme action. Nothing about this story is okay. This is just one story of many that proves our education system needs to change.

The only way to get around testing is if a school is privately funded, so public schools really don’t have a chance unless the government changes. Education seems to be one of those issues that is low key in most elections. I think it should be more prominent in elections, because it is one of the only issues that affects everyone. If suicide hasn’t caused change, when will enough be enough?

We need to make a difference, we need things to change. We are told that success is only measured by a test, and I’m sure most can agree that statement is false. It has gone on too long and I believe the government has abused it’s right of power. If we can better the education system we can better today’s youth. So let’s not let this issue slide under the rug any longer and do something about it!


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