Tool Commercial

We decided to use groupme as our tool commercial. It is an app that people can use to connect with groups of people!


Each member of the class (grades 6-12) downloads the app GroupMe if they do not already have it. Then they make a group with all of the class members. Then the teacher will show a video ( having to do with whatever topic they are discussing in class at the time). The students will then actively engage by commenting on group me about the video. Comments can be anything as long as it goes along with the video and students can comment back to other students. Teachers can put requirements on this assignment however they choose. For example, each student must @ at least two other students and have a total of 5 comments. This assignment can be however long the teacher wants typically the length of whatever video they are presenting. The only thing needed for this project is the app GroupMe and a video of the teachers choosing.


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