Blog Post#3

A standardized test is a test that is given by public schools they have identical questions and are usually high stakes. High stakes meaning the score a child receives is weighted heavy. One of the biggest tests given in the public schools of Georgia is the Georgia Milestones test and it determines whether or not a student is able to move on to the next grade. Personally, I think these tests hold way too much weight and there should not be such high stakes.

Teachers are having to teach to a test just so their students can pass and move on to the next grade. They have common core guidelines which they must abide by. The test goes hand in hand with those guidelines. This leaves little room for creativity for the teachers and extra stress to make sure the students cover all of the material.

After the standardized test is over students may feel like they do not have to try for the rest of the year because they are basically guaranteed to go to the next grade level. Some might not even come to class at all and have excessive absences. They may not give their best effort. All and all students may wonder why school is even necessary after they pass the standardized test.

These tests are also long and boring. Most students dread it. It is math and reading based, while their are questions relating to the other subjects it is not as prominent. It completely leaves out the arts. So, it seems like they are unimportant. I believe this to be so unfair! How is one to say that one subject is more important than another?

Overall, I think standardized tests are a horrible and definitely should not be as high stakes. Teachers feel the stress. Students may not want to try after the test is over and maybe not even the whole school year if they know their destiny relies on a standardized test. Most of all it completely leaves out some subjects making them see unimportant. I hope this weight on a test changes int he near future.


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